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REPORT: The Politics of African Debt Restructuring

Acre Impact Capital and PANGEA-RISK publish a White Paper on the politics of African Debt Restructuring.

The White Paper argues that by 2024, many of Africa’s debt-distressed sovereigns will have successfully restructured their most unaffordable loans, whether domestic or external obligations, placing these countries in much better stead to attract private investment in particular from sustainability-oriented investors.

The authors argue that carefully executed sovereign debt treatments could create an investment friendly environment and help unlock the potential for global climate financing in the medium-to-long term.

Faisal Khan, Founding Partner and CIO at Acre Impact Capital said "African sovereigns play a key role of building stakeholder confidence by demonstrating fiscal management and a desire to support sustainable development of essential infrastructure in order to attract meaningful impact capital flows into the continent."

Download the White Paper below:

PANGEA-RISK - Acre Africa Debt white paper - Feb 2023
Download PDF • 10.13MB


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