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NEWS: Acre Impact Capital to review the state of sustainability in Export Finance industry

The International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) Global Export Finance Committee’s Sustainability Working Group (ICC-SWG) has commissioned International Financial Consulting Ltd. and Acre Impact Capital to develop a white paper, to be published in June 2021.

The paper will review the state of sustainable finance across the export finance industry and propose both product and policy recommendations aimed at increasing the flow of export financing towards sustainable activity.

Sustainability is an increasingly important topic for a wide range of public and private stakeholders globally, both in the developed and emerging markets. This seminal project, convened by the ICC Global Export Finance Committee and supported by all 16 ICC Global Export Finance Committee banks and The Rockefeller Foundation, aims to engage the industry in a conversation on how the export finance community aims to collectively contribute to the global sustainability agenda and deliver greater volumes of sustainable export financing.

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